Kaufman County Fair



We live in a very Rural County, and the county fair happens every March. It is a fun thing - not very big, but the kids have fun, there's rides, animals, and a Talent division that any county resident can enter. 2006 was our first year with entries, but I plan on having *something* entered every year.


2007 Entries


Let's start with the kids, and with Art again, shall we? It'll keep things neat. :grin: Caitlyn will go first - she's the eldest. Let's start with a drawing of a phoenix this year. She did it with my watercolor pencils (again), on nice sketch pad paper. She did rather well:


Here's an interesting picture of a phoenix    She came in 1st!!


Here we have a mosaic doorstop she made at the stained glass shop with Granny and Papaw. Granny drew the fish, but Caitlyn did all the work:


Here's a mosaic doorstop.    She came in 1st again!!


Here we go with Ian's entries. Let's start with weaving, shall we? Here's this year's scarf, which belongs to *me*:


Here's a herringbone scarf he wove - it's MINE.    He came in 1st and Best in Category.  No Grand Champion this year, though


He had to do a project for school on "Texas". His teacher assigned him the Alamo, so Jay and he decided to build an accurate model of it. At the last minute, he decided to enter it in the fair:


Remember the Alamo!    Not too shabby for a last minute entry that wasn't even intended for the fair!


Now we come to my entries. There was still no handspun division, so I put my skeins in the "Handweaving: Misc" category again. I attracted even more attention this year - well, see for yourselves:


Here they are - they're all wool or wool blends this year (nothing exotic)    These came in first in the Misc. division.  We ended up entering them as 1 entry again.


Next up, a shawl woven out of handspun yarn, entered in the "Handweaving: Accessories" category. It's the BL/Falkland Island and Mohair/Silk yarns, and is slated to be turned into a nice, comfy jacket


This started out as an afghan, became a shawl, but will become a jacket.  I keep changing my mind!    1st place, AND Best in Category - not bad!


And, also in the "Handweaving: Accessories" category, this year's dishtowel:


My huck dishtowel    The judges liked it - 1st place!


Let's move on to Knitting, shall we? Why yes, we shall!


First up is a simple garter-stitch scarf out of *gasp* commercial yarn. It's intended as a gift to Jay's cousin:


Here's a scarf.  Whee!    It came in 1st!  Guess they've never seen a garter-stitch scarf before :grin:!


Next up are my snowflake lace socks. The yarn is a handspun Angora/silk/wool/kid mohair blend that I got off of ebay. It's a 4-ply cable, and the socks are nice and cushy::


I love how these socks turned out!    WHEE!!


And finally, what you've all been waiting for - my handspun silk shawl. The pattern is (modified) the Victorian Aran shawl from Elann; the yarn is handspun silk from roving by Chasing Rainbows, and it is my pride and joy:


What more can I say - I LOVE this shawl!    It came in 1st, and Best in Category!  Guess I'm not the only one who loves it!:grin:!



I am *very* pleased with how we did - both kids got ribbons (and good ones, at that!), and I attracted a LOT of attention. Gotta get started on *next* year's entries now!


2006 Entries


Let's start with Art, shall we? Caitlyn entered a drawing of a parrot. She did it with my watercolor pencils, on nice sketch pad paper. I think she did rather well, myself:


Here we have a nice picture of a parrot cleaning his wing.    She came in 2nd.  Not bad for a first attempt!


Next up would be my entries. There was no handspun division, so I put my skeins in the "Handweaving: Misc" category. My main goal was to attract attention - and boy howdy, did I ever!


Here they are - I entered 6 skeins: Icelandic/Silk, Worsted-spun Romney, Alpaca/Silk/Wool, Kid Mohair/Silk, blue Domestic Wool, and Silk    These came in first in the Misc. division.  We ended up entering them as 1 entry.


Next up, a scarf woven out of handspun yarn, entered in the "Handweaving: Accessories" category. It's "dragonhair", and it's mostly green with some sparklies in it:


This was woven for a friend's charity raffle - hope it brings a lot of $$ in!    Another 1st place - not bad!


And, also in the "Handweaving: Accessories" category, my dishtowel:


My twill sampler dishtowel - I love this thing!    So, apparantly, did the judges - 1st AND Best in Category.  Not bad!



And now for Ian's entry. He didn't finish the scarf he started specifically for the fair, so we asked Papaw if we could borrow his Christmas present back.:


A nice log cabin scarf - it's a 2 shuttle weave.  He's just now 6.  Not bad, huh?    Where to begin: 1st in Category, Best in Category, and GRAND CHAMPION in the Weaving Division!


To say that I am chuffed wouldn't start to cover it. We all did rather well, but he took home Grand Champion. Now we have to try and top that next year....*g*


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