I decided to lump all my fibery stuff under the studio. It just seemed to make sense - you can access all of the craft pages from here.


Here's a shot of the new studio, taken from the entry hall. It was still a bit of a mess here...(that's an understatement if I ever heard one!) The loom is my former loom, a 45" 4H/6T LeClerc - nice loom, but I had shaft envy!


What a mess!  I need to clean..    The amazing tower of yarn    Well, it's sorta clean..


As you can see, it's a multi-purpose studio...all my spinning fibers are stored there (in an antique pie safe), my yarns (in an Armoire), my soap making stuff, and my quilting/sewing stuff. The leather-working stuff is stuffed in there, too....no wonder it's a mess!



Things change and evolve. I sold the LeClerc jack loom in December, 2004...because I found my dream loom - a Glimakra Mora. She is a Swedish Countermarche, has a 54" weaving width, is currently set up with 4 shafts, but I have the remaining shafts to make her an 8 shaft loom. She's a big girl!


Here's a shot of her as of September 16, 2005 (taken from the entry hall):


Here's a side view of my Studio    Another view of the loom - this time from the kitchen. I seem to be in a rut here...but you can never have enough dishtowels!


I'm sorry it's not a better picture - the 2 table looms are in the way - but at least you can get a feel for just how massive this loom is.


Due to the new loom, I reorganized and cleaned in there. Here's a few pictures of the new and improved studio:


Looking into the studio from the kitchen.  Space is at a premium, but it works.    This is a shot behind my bench, on the same wall as the kitchen.  Everything fits and is quite convienent!    My Banjo charka is on the wall above the basket I keep my spare reeds in, next to the drum carder.


As you can see, I added some wooden boxes to the wire crates for yarn. It looks a *lot* better now - more clean and tidy. I still need to vacuum, though...


There has been quite a learning curve with this loom. Countermarche is a lot different than jack! This warp is actually the first one I've almost enjoyed weaving off - the tension is almost perfect, the sheds are finally huge....I do love this loom!


There used to be a wood and metal futon in the living room....I annexed this room for the studio shortly after the Glimakra arrived, because I *needed* the space. The dogs quickly took over the futon. So, I decided to replace it with a nice, comfy chair, one that the dogs wouldn't (:snerk:) fit in. It's perfect for spinning; the right height, cushy, and very very comfortable, as you can plainly see:


I bought a chair that is *perfect* to sit and spin in...I thought the dogs were too big to fit in it, and I wouldn't have to fight over it.  Boy, was I wrong!





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