Kid's Handweaving




As an avid fiber person, you can imagine how much I have tried to seduce my children to the dark side of the fiberarts. Embroidery kits, knitting name it, I've tried it!


Imagine my excitement when, on September 7, 2004, Ian decided he just had to weave. I drug out the inkle loom, warped it up, and turned him loose. He rapidly got bored, and started bugging me about the floor loom again. So, what to do? Easy - I warped up the table loom and set him loose!


Makes a Mom proud, it does!    Fiber-addict, Jr. has a nice ring to it, yes?    Bob, the Weaver, can we weave it?


(In that last picture, I moved the loom into the Family Room for him - we can't miss Bob the Builder!)


Not to be outdone, Caitlyn sat down at the inkle loom and figured it out pretty much by herself:

She didn't want to be left out!


I got a really nice feeling, as I sat at my loom and listened to the young experts discussing proper weaving technique. Ian let Caitlyn weave on the table loom, and offered her free advise. *g* Too, too cute for words!! Wish I had a recorder! Anyway, here's a shot of what they (mostly *he*) accomplished:


Not too bad for a 4 year old's first attempt!


We went out Sept. 19, 2004 and picked up a new to us Strutco table loom. Now, both kids can sit and weave with me. Much fun to be had *here*, let me tell you!


Ian's 2nd project - Christmas presents.  If you're family, be surprised, OK?    This is what Caitlyn chose for her first project - again, family, be surprised!!


You can't tell from the picture, but Caitlyn's warp is 1 strand of heathery purple, and 1 of a variegated purple-y that blends surprisingly well. I say that because the picked out both yarns *by herself*. I couldn't have chosen better myself!


Here's a shot of the weaving sweatshop I am running out of my house. Don't let the 3rd world countries know about this, 'K?


This was *their* idea, not mine!


Well, Ian took his loom (HIS loom, snort!) to the daycare, and the other kids buggered up the warp. Broke 3 ends, and somehow or the other managed to totally screw up the tension. I made the executive decision to trash it, and he picked out a new set of yarns. Here's also a shot of Caitlyn's project - she's not as into weaving as he is.


Ian's 3rd project - Christmas presents.  If you're family, be surprised, OK?  The warp is white acrylic, the weft is yellow-ish Lion Brand Homespun.  Interesting texture!    Caitlyn hasn't woven much - I think she's only doing it because Ian is.  It's looking good, though!


Well, Ian finished his 3rd turned out really well. I am as proud as proud can be!


Ian's 3rd project - very nice! If you didn't know, you wouldn't believe a 4 year old wove it!    A different angle, to get more detail


And on to project #4...I'm thinking I need to set up a page just for him! This is a color and weave effect called "Log Cabin". Very easy to execute, you just have to pay attention - you're using 2 shuttles. He's doing pretty good:


Log Cabin in blue and white.  He chose the colors, surprise surprise!    Another shot of it


You can see a picture of this scarf, finished, on the County Fair page.


Not to be outdone, Caitlyn started a log cabin scarf as well:


The white has sparkles in it, the orange is regulation hunter orange.  Surprisingly, the white tones it down so it's livable!



And on to the 2007 County Fair entry...Ian wanted to do a "fancy" pattern, so herringbone twill it is! This is a commercial yarn - Lion Brand's Fisherman Yarn; the white is natural, the teal I dyed:


Herringbone twill scarf.  Best in Category!

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