I'm finally able to hand-knit socks again - after 4 surgeries, and 3 broken wrists in 3 years (the same one, I might add), that's a big accomplishment! I try to save the handknitting for special yarns, though - I don't want to redamage myself! Here's what have dropped off the needles recently, both handspun and commercial yarns:


Handspun socks


This pair was spun from a batt dyed by Bonkers.  Ugly yarn; lovely sock!    Finally - I give you the 'Autumn' sock (I'm working on the mate right now!) - the wool is on the dye page and the yarn is on the handspun page.    A closeup of the sock - it just doesn't give the depth of color in this sock!


This pair was spun from a roving of Angora/wool/silk/angelina.  The pattern is 'snowflake lace'.  It turned out perfect!!    Closeup of the cuffs - lovely pattern!



Commercial sock yarn socks


This yarn was a gift from a friend - I have no idea what brand it is, but they sure are bright socks!


Knit on the Circular Sock Machine

Here are pictures of the socks I have made so far on the CSM. I've used a variety of yarns, both handspun and commercial. (The handspun ones are, to be sure, the best of the lot!)




These are my first ever handspun socks! They are made out of Falkland Island/Kid Mohair roving that I got from a friend of mine, and they are *the* softest things I have ever had on my feet!




My second pair is made out of Purple Dragonhair from Guenhwyvar. Wonderful stuff - and it seems to wear well, too, although they are starting to felt a little on the sole.


yummy! Gotta spin up some more of this stuff!


Commercial Sock Yarns


I've sorted them by yarn brands, pretty much. Sorry the pictures aren't better - I drug my entire sock drawer to the living room, then unfolded and slapped each pair onto the floor and snapped the picture. I tried to smooth them out, but they aren't blocked or anything. This also isn't all of them - some aren't finished, and some are in the wash...and some are missing their twin. I'll get pics of them later.


Oh, and a word about "matching" socks all tend to be fraternal twins, not identical. It's hard for me to keep the lengths exactly the same, or the color patterns. Since I like funky socks, this isn't a problem!

Lorna's Laces

Here's a pair out of Lorna's Laces 1776 colorway. I call them my Flag Socks:




OK, here we go - I had tried to be good and write down all the info on the yarns as I knit them, but.....oops. If you really want to know which colorway it is, you can look it up yourself. I'm gonna go knit some more now...


















Trekking/Brown Sheep Wool/Wildfoote




There really is a mate - it got left in the bag!        


Brown Sheep






WoolEase/Mystery Yarn


I gotta say that WoolEase is not the best choice for socks that will actually be worn. You can see lots and lots of pills on one of these....






Kid's Socks


Here's some of the socks I've made for the kidlets. I've been doing only tube socks - that way, they'll be able to wear them longer. Soon as they quit growing like weeds, I'll make them "real" socks..with heels! I usually use the leftovers from my they'll look familiar to you. *g*


    I tried a new selvedge edge on these..I don't like it.    These were intended for *me*, but I miscalulated the foot length.  Ah, well...


This was the first pair I made for Caitlyn..I foolishly didn't turn the toe, just stopped knitting and grafted the stitches closed.  It works..but it's awkward looking.

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