Looms and Things



Here's a shot of my former loom from our old house...it was warped up for rag placemats - they took about 3 months to weave off, and I hated them.



work in progress



My current floor loom is a 60" Glimakra, 8 harness, 10 treadle. It's a wonderful loom! - even though I only have it set up as a 4S/10T loom right now. I'm not quite ready to tie-up all 8S...yet.




Here's a shot of the LeClerc Rigid Heddle loom I found in a trash pile - yes, a Trash Pile! It's in perfect shape, and works great! Ian is in charge of this project.


Scarf in Rainbow acrylic.  Both kids like the wilder-colored yarns.



These are my 2 table looms. The Structo has been put on a LeClerc treadle stand - the levers tend to stick and "bite" fingers. The LeClerc just barely fits on one of my end tables.


Ancient Structo table loom - 4H.    A good look at the treadle stand - it converts the loom to a 4H/6T floor loom    LeClerc 12H table loom, 15 3/4 inches weaving width



Here are my 2 inkle looms. They are used for making laces and ribbons.


My very first loom - handmade by a SCA craftsman.    A larger inkle loom built by a friend of ours.  It's not as nicely finished, but it does the job well!    Both together, to show the difference



Here's some miscellaneous equipment that a weaver just can't live without!


LeClerc bobbin winder - it was too close to the table for my storage bobbins, so my FIL built me a wicked cool stand for it.  The cup hook holds my scissors.    My warping board - it'll hold 10 yards of warp.  Steve built it for me.





Oh, and just because, I have pictures of me warping my loom here, for those of you who are curious about the whole process.

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