Spun Yarns



Here are some of the yarns I've spun....I'll be adding more as soon as I get around to it. Most of the thumbnails will take you to a closeup of the skein in question. Some of these yarns are the "leftovers" - I used them before I could get a picture of the yarn!


2 ply - 1 of kid mohair, 1 of tussah silk.  This will be weft for an afghan or shawl    This is a 2 ply of Falkland Island/Border Leicester.  It'll be the warp for the afghan/shawl project    This is the leftover yarn from my Irish Diamond Shawl


Nice,bouncy oatmeal-colored shetland yarn    Same yarn after a trip thru the dyepot.  The color is 'French Blue'    Spun from a lovely Romney roving dyed by Redmelde on LJ.  It's wonderful!


Green Dragonhair    More Dragonhair - I love this stuff!    And yet more Dragonhair - slightly different blend


Serenity Thrums from Spinderella    Hmmm, it's blue.  What else do ya wanna know about it?    Spun from the Beast roving


Lovely jeweltones, with hits of red and blue    This is the yarn I used in Steve's tam    This was used in Ian's hat and mitten set.  He helped spin it.


Multi-colored stuff.  What else do ya wanna know?    More varigated stuff - I'm seeing a trend here    Caitlyn and I space-dyed this with Kool-Aid


This is the first batch I've ever hand-combed and spun worsted.  I like it, but it's too harsh for next-to-skin wear.    And yet more Green Dragonhair- believe it or not, they are all different blends!  This was spun on my Ashford Joy    This is from a roving a friend of mine sent me - it's purple/pink/blue.  I made a tam for a Clan Keith member..and a....willie warmer...out of it. *g*


This is from a Bonkers roving I got with my Joy wheel.    It's blue.  I don't remember anything else about it.    This was some domestic roving the kids helped me dye.  1 pot + 4 colors = rainbow yarn!


This is some domestic top I dyed with Cherry Kool-aide.        This is the finished yarn from my 'Autumn' blending experiment (seen on the dye page) - it became socks!


A red version of Dragonhair - it became a tam for our Clan Regional director.    This is the 2-ply I spun at the 2005 Library Craft Fair.  It's perfectly balanced(!) which is amazing for my demo-yarns. The closeup reveals that it's not consistent, but it's still not bad for demo yarn, where I wasn't paying attention to my spinning.    I got some roving from Blue Moon Fibers (Dreamy colorway).  When I opened the package, Ian saw the roving,grabbed it, and said 'This is MINE.  Spin it!' So, I did. It's not perfect, but it became a perfect hat and mitten set!


A 4-ply cabled yarn for socks.  It's alpaca/silk/wool/tencel/flash.    This is the 2-ply I spun at the 2006 Kilgore Celtic Festival from roving from Blue Moon Fibers.  Nice, bouncy yarn.    I got this roving from The Sheep Shed Studio.  It's going to become a woven scarf for the handy man at our church!


This is spun from some 4H lambs wool.  There were tons of 2nd cuts, which made neps in the batts.  I got tired of picking them out, so the resulting yarn is slubby.    More roving from Blue Moon Fibers - it was spun at the 2006 NTIF    This was one of my first dye attempts.  It became the contrast color in Caitlyn's hat.


More roving from Blue Moon Fibers, also spun at 2006 NTIF.    This is the yarn I spun for my FIL's 2005 Christmas Gift.  It became a lovely tam.    Laceweight Icelandic/silk yarn spun for a clan cousin.


Novelty yarn spun from a batt from Storytellers yarns.    This is my first cabled yarn - each element was 1 ply superwash merino and 1 ply angora.  Nice, soft yarn    My very first 'real' yarn.  It's a mohair/wool blend from a local farm.


This is the result of a Deb Menz-type dye exchange.  Lots of different fibers and colors here!    This is the yarn that inspired my Irish Diamond dye fest.  It became *my* winter hat!    Extremely bright yarn spun to Caitlyn's specifications.  It became her winter hat.



This is from some batts a friend of mine carded up.  1 was blue/purple, the other orange/purple.  I spun each one from a differnt end, then plied them together    This is from the same friend.  This was red/purple roving - I split it and went to town.    What can I say? It looks like I shaved a clown's head and spun it up!



This is from some commercial roving.  I navajo-plied it to preserve the color way    This is more dragonhair - it is going to a friend for her to knit up a calorimetry    Sample from some batts a friend carded up.  Spun like butter - I ordered another pound of it!


Another sample yarn from my friend's batts.  I, umm...bought 4 more oz of it, too.    Spun from a Brown Sheep roving from The Sheep Shed.  It's destined to become kilt hose, in some later century




This isn't all of the stuff I've spun, it was just the easily accessible stuff. I felt bad that I didn't have much on this page......more to come later, as time and space permits!

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